When You Feel Like Running Away from Your Own Life

When the urge to flee our own circumstances takes root, what’s really going on? And what can we do about it,… short of buying a ticket on the first train out?


When the Edges of All Things are Lost

I’ll try just about anything once; raw oysters, ziplining, jalapeno margaritas…even sensory deprivation. If it sounds fun, interesting, a challenge, I can be talked into it… pretty easily. My decision to try float therapy started when my good friend Deanna told me she was opening a float spa in Mexico. I was intrigued…She explained, a float tank…

Rethinking the Grown Up Way We Live

When did a Jimmy-sprinkled cupcake become the enemy? Why did we start calling an hour of play, exercise? When did we start expecting our friends to live up to our expectations? How did we decide that what’s going to happen tomorrow is way more important than what’s going on right now? Tell me, at what point does…