Why Dreams Require Big Belief

To wish, to hope, to pray are simply not enough. They’re enough for lottery tickets, I guess, but not enough for dreams. Dreams require rock solid belief that doesn’t waver, teeter-totter, or second guess. And here’s why. ..


Should We Think Positively..Always?

there’s clearly something to be said for empathy, understanding, gentleness and using your positive vibes in a beneficial way.

How to Survive a Shark Attack

Ever since I saw the movie “JAWS” at our local cinema, I’ve been afraid to swim in the ocean. We lived in Fort Lauderdale when the thriller first came out and prior to learning about the Great White shark, I’d loved playing in the sea water and bopping in the waves. But, from that point on,…

How to Survive Moonlighting

Moonlighting isn’t for sissies! Its 4:00 in the afternoon and my work day has finally come to an end…, or has it? I’ve shut down the computer and I’m in my car now, driving toward the dance studio to teach lessons. For me, it feels like my day is just beginning even though I’ve put…