All Grown Up!!

love-1828817__340Starting a blog is a little like getting pregnant. The growth comes slow and imperceptible. At first, you write as time permits and it’s novel, a little fun. You may have a period of time when you don’t think about it much because you’re busy and the novelty has worn off, but still, the words are there inside of you always waiting for you to sit down and let them come out.

Every year, thousands of new bloggers begin blogging to share their experiences, ideas, art, and inspiration with readers from all walks of life. Not all blogs make it, but quite a few of them do grow and flourish until one day, after months and months of writing, something emerges, a platform that readers look forward to for help, advice, and inspiration. A blog with purpose!

If you’re reading this post, I want to thank you for being a faithful “follower” of my blog, Soul Set in Motion! Over the past year, while no one was looking, that blog has really grown up! We are now hosting a full fledged website.

This is our new logo!!

Isn’t it cool?

What began as a simple format for sharing my ideas and experiences has become a platform for me to help others succeed at creating richer, more rewarding lives.

And, I’m glad you’ve been part of that journey! I hope I’ve been able to help in some way to make your life better!

The written blog is now one aspect of a larger business that I’ve created that focuses on life coaching (personal/spiritual/relational), public speaking, teaching, and authoring. You can take a look at my new site if you want at

Now that we’ve moved over there, I’ll slow down my posting on the wordpress site because most of my content will be going over there and I’m only able to post on one of my two sites or face the spam police!! Since you’ve been in on things since the beginning, I wanted to give you an opportunity to continue to follow and receive great content on life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

If you only want to get the regular blog, click here to Follow via email.

If you’d like to be added to my larger subscription list where I share special articles, news, videos, the latest in my monthly eBook series, plus information about special offers, you can click¬†I want in!

Check your email, there’s a free gift for new subscribers!! I hope you like it!

If you have any questions about what I’m up to, or suggestions about things you’d like me to write about, I’d love to hear from you!!

In Life and Love, Tracylogo-long


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