Millennials…and How We Made Them

Millennials?..what were we thinking? Even the name sounds pretentious, as if they were Golden or something. If you’re the parent of a millennial, then this blog post is really for you. If you consider yourself a millennial then all I can say is, there’s nothing wrong with you, despite what you’ve heard….

swim up close

How to Survive a Shark Attack

Ever since I saw the movie “JAWS” at our local cinema, I’ve been afraid to swim in the ocean. We lived in Fort Lauderdale when the thriller first came out and prior to learning about the Great White shark, I’d loved playing in the sea water and bopping in the waves. But, from that point on,…

"Doused" up on sunscreen and bug spray. Ready to row!

Adventure Kayak, Cocoa Beach, FL

We booked early, but it was already 95 degrees when we arrived for our kayak adventure on the Indian River near Cocoa Beach Florida. It was my sister’s maiden voyage in a kayak and only my second. We’d be out for two and a half hours and were promised sighting manatees and dolphins along the…

When the Edges of All Things are Lost

I’ll try just about anything once; raw oysters, ziplining, jalapeno margaritas…even sensory deprivation. If it sounds fun, interesting, a challenge, I can be talked into it… pretty easily. My decision to try float therapy started when my good friend Deanna told me she was opening a float spa in Mexico. I was intrigued…She explained, a float tank…